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I have 10 years experience in producing, mixing, recording and live performing as a guitarplayer. My main goal is to collaborate with musicians around the world and help them take their music to the next level.

I provide remote mixing, mastering, producing, composing services or you can book me to work in your city.

Mixing is an integral part of music business.It is not only compiling your multitrack files into stereo track, but also a highly creative part of a production. Effects, panning, compression and other techniques can make your song sound unique. Once all is done, your listeners will enjoy your music on any kind of sound system: iphone earbuds, boombox, laptop speakers, hi fi acoustic and so on.

Mixing services:
— mixing
— pitch correction
— editing (quantizing, time aligning, comping, drum replacment)
— re-amping (fender twin reverb 65, orange rockerverb 50)
Music Production
You can book me to your record session, and I will help to get maximum from your song, your performance, gear you have, enviroment you record in.

I'm a strong believer in an open and free world. Wherever you live, reach me, and we can create music together with the help of modern technologies. Remotly or at the place you are based - everything is possible. Let me share my enthusiasm and passion for music with you.

Production services:
— production
— recording
— composing
— arranging a song from scratch
Mastering is a common process of preparing songs for distribution. My job is to create a well-balanced running order and sonically adapt tracks to a real world enviroment. Want your songs to sound loud? Ok, that`s my job.
Contact me if you are interested and get flexible rates according to your project scope.
Sound examples
Mixing / mastering / record producing
Mixing, mastering, arranging, drum programming
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